Ferramol® is a novel molluscicidal control agent containing the active ingredient iron phosphate. It’s new mode of action and it’s outstanding rain fastness ensures highly effective control on a broad spectrum of slugs and snails. Ferramol® presents a new molluscicide that fulfills all criteria for an innovative plant protecting agent with regard to efficacy, eco-toxico- logy and user-safety | Organically certified for EU and NOP farming standards.

Mode of Action

The bait attracts slugs and snails and lures them from hiding places. Once ingested the slugs and snails will stop feeding.The active ingre- dient causes pathological changes on a cellular basis in the slug ́s and snail ́s crop and hepatopancreas. he physiological effect of the bait gives immediate protection to the plants because slug and snails stop feeding as soon as they ingest the bait.


Ferramol® distinguishes itself by extremely low mammalian toxicity and no undesirable ecological side-effects. Because of the extremely low mammalian toxicity (LD50 rats, oral > 5000 mg/kg) it is virtually harmless for higher animals (dog, cat). Also earthworms, bees and other beneficals are not affected. No aquatic toxicity could be observed.


Re-apply as the bait is consumed, or at least every three weeks. Apply more regularly if the area is heavily watered, or after long period of heavy rain. Apply 5g / m2 on heavily infected areas.


Ferramols unique formulation and organic certificationallows for compatibility with an IPM approach.


Store in a cool, dry place in the original sealed container.