NewSil is a bioavailable (soluble and stable) silicic acid formulation which imparts 100% plant available silicon as a foliar spray|NewSil increases all plants resistance to biotic and abiotic stress resulting in healthier and stronger plants with improved crop quality | NewSil decreases the requirement for plant growth promoting and pest control chemicals | NewSil forms a critical componenet of a highly effective plant health and Integrated Pest Management program.

Mode of Action

Foliar applied mono-silici acid is taken up through the plant cuticle to form an opal layer between the epidermis and cuticula.


Increased resistance to insects and diseases | Increased resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses | Enhanced photosynthesis and absorption of nutrients | Improved plant rigidity, with less lodging | Detoxification of heavy metal contamination


Foliar Spray 200ml/100L water | Consult a realIPm Technical Representative on timing and frequency of applications.


NewSil can be tank mixed with most crop protection chemicals. Seek advice from Real IPM Technical Consultant to ensure compatibility.


Store in a tightly closed container in a cool, dry, ventilated area. Store below 20°C. Do not store for more than 24 months. Do not expose to direct sunlight.