Pyrol is a broad spectrum contact insecticide containing a natural pyrethrum formulation. Pyrol is extremely effective in high pest pressure situations to get a fast knock down effective. In the presence sunlight and oxygen, natural pyrethrum breaks down quickly , thereby causing no log-term residual effects to non target beneficial organisms. Organically certified for EU and NOP farming standards.

Mode of Action

Pyrethrum has a rapid action against insects by damaging the sodium cansals of the nervous system. Pyrethrum is very toxic to insects, but not mammals.

  • Kills a wide range of insect pests
  • Pyrol breaks down rapidly in the presence of sunlight and beneficial insects can be introduced shortly after application. Pyrol is registered for organic use and can be used in an IPM approach
  • Little persistance on the crop
  • Pyrol can be used up till the date of harvest

Apply Pyrol as a full cover spray. Ensure wetting of both top and underside of leaf. Repeat treatment as neces sary. Established infestation will require frequent applications. Use higher dosage in times of higher infestation.


Pyrol has been found to be compatible with most commonly used fungicides, insecticides and fertilisers. Physical compatibility should first be checked by using the current proportions of products in a small jar test. Growers should then test tank-mix combinations for phytotoxicity on a sample of crops prior to use.


Store in a cool, dry place in the original sealed container.