True service extends beyond sales

Stephan Scholtz has been working with Steve Venter, realIPM’s technical representative in Clocolan, in the Free state since 2021. Since his initial use of realIPM’s seed treatment (made up of Real Trichoderma TRC900 plus PopUp), Stephan has worked alongside Steve in his fields, and together, they have developed an excellent working relationship.

Stephan suffered a very wet season in 2021 on his wheat crops, however, the seed treatment definitely helped his crops survive the wet season, and his resultant yield was better than expected. He therefore continued with realIPM’s approach and Steve’s in field assistance into 2022, and he once again used Real Trichoderma TRC900 plus PopUp as a seed treatment, and then added Biotrissol and RealCal into the spray programme at the flag leaf stage – his results showed a significant increase in yield, despite the challnges.

Since then, Stephan has been using realIPM products on his soybean crops too. These crops are also treated with a seed treatment of Real Trichoderma TRC900, and PopUp . Additional follow up foliar sprays of Biotrissol and RealCal to support plant metabolism and the development of blooms, are also done. Steve believes that the improved durability of the plants in difficult and changing climatic conditions, is a result of the increased root structure and plant cell wall strength. realIPM’s seed treatment aims to build and enhance the plants root structure to afford the plant a sound start in life.

Thank you to Stephan for hosting realIPM in his fields.

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