Fertiliser prices have increased drastically and farmers are looking for ways to decrease fertiliser usage and/or optimise their efficiency. As part of our effective integrated pest management programs realIPM supply specific nutritional products, alongside dedicated advice pertaining to nutrient optimisation, as imbalanced or inadequate nutrient conditions drive pest problems in crops.

A core component of optimising nutrient assimilation and usage by the various crops is to start with realIPM’s very successful and effective realIPM Soil Program. This program entails the improvement of soil health by addressing soil physical, chemical and biological constraints with a dedicated program of organic adjuvants and Real Trichoderma. Real Trichoderma is a well-known highly effective root growth and root health stimulant that also improves plant pest resistance. Through the stimulation of root growth, Real Trichoderma accelerates root exudate production which leads to an associated increase in stable organic carbon fractions in the soil. These fractions amplify the root associated microbial activity and diversity. Incorporation of cover crops and/or mulches contributes significantly to the improvement of soil conditions in conjunction with the realIPM Soil Program.

The optimisation of fertiliser use is attained through various means:

Ensure that, based on dedicated soil analysis, the levels of the required nutrients are sufficient in the soil. We recommend a conservative but highly scientific approach to determine the context specific sufficiency levels, as well as dedicated pH management.

  • Nitrogen (N) nutrition of the plant is significantly improved by microbial activity in the rhizosphere through biological N fixation and transfer of microbial N to the plant. In healthy systems, N fertiliser applications can be decreased effectively.
  • Plant phosphorus (P) uptake is optimised through microbial activity in the rhizosphere that mobilises bound P fractions that would otherwise be poorly available to the plant.
  • Potassium (K), calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) uptake by the plant is improved through the production of exudates by plants and metabolites by soil microbes that buffer the rhizosphere pH at levels of optimum K, Ca and Mg availability. Plant health is improved with proper Ca uptake with an associated improvement in plant vigour and root health.
  • Optimal micronutrient (boronB, copperCu, ironFe, manganeseMn, molybdenumMo, zincZn) uptake is attained by the same rhizosphere buffering effects as well as adequate (not toxic though!) levels in the soil.

Depending on the availability of nutrients from the soil, dedicated applications of biostimulants with macro / micronutrients in combination with organic and biological products are applied as leaf sprays on a regular basis. Nutrients applied to the leaves are taken into account and decreased in the associated fertiliser applications. For problem soils and challenging Ca availability conditions the realIPM Soil Program as well as a dedicated Foliar Program is followed.

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