NanoCal is a foliar or soil-applied slow-release calcium, for improved soil health. This 2 micron dry powder formulation is designed to improve poor calcium levels in soils, or where calcium is ‘fixed’ and not being taken up in plants, often due to too much nitrogen in the soil. Often overlooked, calcium is essential for many central plant functions.

Mode of Action

Calcium is taken up through the plants fine hair roots and it is an essential element to plenats functioning including cell wall strength. The 2 micron calcium formulation is highly plant available and will correct deficiencies. Nanocal is not intended to alter the pH of the soil.

  • Fast acting calcium soil application
  • Small micron size
  • Able to foliar spray.

NanoCal can be applied in the plant furrow, through microjet irrigation or as a foliar spray. Seek advice from your Real IPM Consultant/Technical Assistant on suitable application rates and methods for your crop and growing system.


NanoCal has been found to be compatible with most commonly used fungicides, insecticides and fertilisers. Physical compatibility should first be checked by using the current proportions of products in a small jar test. Growers should then test tank-mix combinations for phytotoxicity on a sample of crops prior to use.


Store in a cool, dry place in the original sealed container.