Real Q-FIX

Neoseiulus cucumeris

Real Q-FIX (Neoseiulus cucumeris) are robust predatory mites for the control of a range of thrips species. Real Q-FIX is very mobile on the underside of a leaf or in a flower where spray contact is minimal.

Mode of Action

Host Range:

  • Western flower thrips (frankliniella occidentalis)
  • Onion thrips (thripstabaci)
  • Greenhouse thrips (heliothrips haemorrhoidalis)
  • Eastern flower thrips (frankliniella triciti)
  • Cyclamen mites (Phytonemuspallidus)
  • Applicable in many field and protected crops
  • Well suited to crops grown in warm conditions
  • Can handle high temperatures with lower humidity
  • Fast development
  • Spread well in the crop
  • Suitable for aerial release.

Introduce Real Q-FIX when pest presence is suspected or at the first sign of pest presence. Apply the product to crops as soon as night-time temperatures reach 15°C, and daytime temperatures are higher than 20°C. Real Q-FIX can be introduced with Real MontiFIX for improved control.


Real Q-FIX can be use in a wide range of field and protected crops including fruits, vegetables and ornamentals. They perform best at temperatures of 20-30°C. Real Q-FIX outperform Real SwirskiFIX under hot, dry conditions and in crops where temperature and or humidity change dramatically.


Seek advice from Real IPM Technical Consultant before introduction. Manage your spray program by looking at the Sensitivity and Compatibility charts. If pesticides are required, always check for side-effects and select products that are least harmful in your IPM program. Use the Biobest Side Effects app or access the Biobest side-effects manual online.