Real OriFIX

Orius laevigatus

Real OriFIX (Orius laevigatus) is a predatory pirate bug for the control of multiple thrips species. Real OriFIX feed on adult as well as immature thrips by piercing the thrips with their mounthparts and sucking out their body fluid. If thrips numbers are low, they can survive on alternate prey such as aphids, mites, whitefly and moth eggs.

Mode of Action

Real OriFIX is effective against multiple thrips species (including western flower thrips).


Real OriFIX:

  • Adults are highly mobile and fly through the crop in search of food
  • Real OriFIX kill more prey than they require for sustenance
  • The adults kill up to 20 thrips per day and live for 3-4 weeks
  • Feed on all stages of thrips, including the adults.

Real OriFIX are well suited to crops where pollen is naturally abundant and where the plants leaf structure allows adults to lay their eggs directly in the leaf tissue. Companion planting of plants with high pollen and the correct leaf structure aids in Real OriFIX long term sustainability.


Real OriFIX are well suited to crops where pollen is naturally abundant (e.g. capsicums, eggplant, strawberries and raspberries). In crops that do not produce adequate pollen (e.g. cucumbers) or crops in which flowers are harvested before opening (e.g. roses) it is necessary to use pollen-bearing banker plants such as basil.

Release as soon as possible after delivery, preferably during the cooler hours of morning or late afternoon/early evening. If necessary, can be stored (on their side) for up to 2 days at 10-15°C.


Seek advice from RealIPM Technical Consultant before introduction. Manage your spray program by looking at the Sensitivity and Compatibility charts. If pesticides are required, always check for side-effects and select products that are least harmful in your IPM program. Use the Biobest Side Effects app or access the Biobest side-effects manual online.